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2.4.3 Density, thermal expansion coefficient, and saline contraction coefficient

Seawater density is a nonlinear function of state variables p = p(S, T, P) (2.72)

which can be calculated from the commonly used standard subroutine. In dynamical oceanography, density is often given as an anomaly from 1,000 kg/m3, and this is sometimes called the a unit (kg/m3).

Density is low for warm and fresh water, but it is high for cold and salty water. For the normal range of temperature (-2 to 30°C) and salinity (30-37), surface density is within the range of 20-30 kg/m3 (Fig. 2.6a). Since cold water appears in high latitudes only, where salinity is normally low (in most cases, it is lower than 35), surface density is no larger than 28 kg/m3.

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