Sulphate Reduction Package Project Milestones

The contract was awarded to Axsia Serck Baker on a fast-track basis in June 1997. Due to the central location of this package on the vessel it was critical to the overall vessel construction program that the package was delivered on time. The completed package was delivered on-time and to budget during February 1998.

The completed vessel float-out occurred during November 1998 and first oil was produced during February 1999. The sulphate removal package was commissioned during August 1999 and has consistently produced low sulphate water of quality exceeding the design specification requirements.


Use of a Sulphate Reduction Plant (SRP) on the Janice field is a cost effective alternative for seawater injection resulting in a lower overall field operating expense.

Sulphate Removal membrane technology is now a proven technology, delivering very high quality injection water.

The field development can be optimised with horizontal wells avoiding the need to scale squeeze.

Increased production up time is achieved by avoiding the deferral of production associated with scale squeeze treatments.

Low-Sulphate Seawater (LSSW) could be also supplemented by re-injection of produced water, depending on the outcome of studies addressing temperature and solids-loading effects.

Another major benefit in using LSSW is the prospect of reducing the potential for hydrogen sulphide formation on breakthrough of injected seawater. By denying sulphate reducing bacteria a source of nutrients their activity can be limited.


The authors would like to express their thanks to Kerr McGee North Sea (UK) Limited management, Axsia Limited and the Janice licence partners for permission to present this work. Participants in the Janice Field Licence are Phillips Petroleum Company UK Limited, AGIP UK Limited, and Svenska Petroleum Exploration (UK) Limited.


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