permeate to post-treatment reject to sewer

Figure 3 Schematic process for the RO plant

4.2.2 Reverse Osmosis The fully automatic RO plant was supplied by PCI Leopold. The plant is designed to treat a feed flow of 600 m'/d and to achieve a recovery of 85%. The schematic flow diagram of the RO process is shown in Figure 3. The UF filtrate is dosed with sulphuric acid to acidify the water in order to control carbonate scaling during the concentration process. Houseman Permatreat 191 antiscalent is dosed as a scale inhibitor to prevent precipitation of insoluble salts. The feed water is then prefilter through a nominal 5 micron cartridge filter and the pressure boosted prior to filtration across the RO membranes arranged in a 5/3 array to achieve the optimum hydraulic efficiency of the system. The membranes used are eight inch diameter and sixty inches long thin film composite spiral wound membranes.

A clean in place (CIP) cleaning system is designed to enable cleaning of each stack individually. Argo Scientific Bioclean 103A and Bioclean 511 would be used to remove organic and inorganic foulant from the membranes.

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