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As we move into the new millennium, increasing population and water use will lead to increased demands on water resources world wide. South East England is no exception, with water demand increasing by approximately 2% per year. The long term trend of climate change towards hotter summer temperatures and drier winters will challenge conventional surface and groundwater resources which require the winter rains to top up reservoirs and groundwater levels. Sustainability of water resources is a key factor in maintaining supplies to our customers.

Thames Water's water resources strategy is based on the management and enhancement of conventional resources, the investigation and use of alternative water sources where appropriate, and water conservation through the application of new technology and the understanding of customer demands and behaviour.

In accordance with this strategy, Thames Water, in association with the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC), have implemented the first major in-building recycling scheme in the UK. The wide ranging objectives of the scheme are to promote sustainable water use, demonstrate and research water recycling technologies, evaluate water efficient appliances and investigate public attitudes to water recycling initiatives.

The water recycling system has been constructed at the Millennium Dome, Greenwich which is to be the focus of the country's millennium celebrations. At a cost of £758 million, the Dome is the largest building of its kind in the world with a perimeter of 1 km and height of 50 m at its centre. An estimated 12 million people will visit the Dome during the year 20001.

As part of the Dome's environmental and water management strategy Thames Water's Water Reclamation Plant will supply 500 m3 per day of reclaimed water to flush all of the WC's and urinals on site. Water is reclaimed from three sources, greywater from the hand washbasins in the toilet blocks, rainwater from the roof of the dome and groundwater from the chalk aquifer below the site.

'Thames Water R&D Spencer House, Manor Farm Road Reading RG2 0JN

^Leopold - PCI Membranes Laverstoke Mill, Whitchurch Hants RG28 7NR

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