The Janice Field is a small marginal field, which has recently started production. The field is being developed using a Floating Production Vessel (FPV) and subsea production and injection wells. Water injection is required in order to maintain reservoir pressure and improve reservoir sweep. The formation water contains approximately 10,000 mg/1 Ca, so with seawater containing approximately 2900 mg/1 sulphate, severe calcium sulphate scaling was predicted to occur where ever seawater and formation water mix.

Seawater injection would result in increased operating costs, as a result of scale squeeze chemicals and the increased frequency of remedial workovers. This increased cost was greater than that to install and operate a Sulphate Reduction Package and inject Low Sulphate seawater. The decision was taken to install the world's first floating Sulphate Reduction Package on the Janice A FPV.

This paper presents some the reasons why Low Sulphate Seawater injection and sulphate removal membrane technology were selected and later describes the design of the system and its integration on the FPV.

The Janice A sulphate reduction package was commissioned during August, 1999. To date the package has consistently produced low sulphate water of quality exceeding the design specification requirements.

Kerr-McGee North Sea (UK) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kerr-McGee Corp., an Oklahoma City-based energy and chemical company with assets of $5.6 billion. Kerr-McGee North Sea (UK) Ltd are the field operators.

Consept are process engineering consultants specialising in membrane separation technology applications.

Axsia Serck Baker are a licensed original equipment manufacturer for the application of this technology, which is patented by Marathon Oil and sub-licensed by Dow.

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