Felton, B. 1996. Retrieval of documents from National Archives. Memorandum to Robert K. Bastian, USEPA, Office of Water, Municipal Technology Branch from Barbara Felton, Contract Support, National Records Management Program, Enterprise Information Management Division, Washington, DC. October 3.


From testimony of Murray Stein before the U.S. Senate Special Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution of the Committee on Public Works, June 17, 1963.

1. Alleghany River (New York, Pennsylvania)

2. Applegate River-Eliot River (California, Oregon)

3. Arkansas River, area I (Colorado, Kansas)

4. Arkansas River, area II (Kansas, Oklahoma)

5. Arkansas River, area III (Oklahoma, Arkansas)

6. Batten Kill (Vermont, New York)

7. Green River (Kentucky, Tennessee)

1Source: Zwick and Benstock, 1971.

8. Big Sandy River (Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia)

9. Big Horn River (Wyoming, Montana) 10. Big Sioux River (South Dakota, Iowa)

*11. Blackstone River (Massachusetts, Rhode Island)

12. Bodcau River (Arkansas, Louisiana)

13. Buntings Branch (Delaware, Maryland)

14. Byram River (Connecticut, New York)

15. Connecticut River, upper (New Hampshire, Vermont)

*16. Connecticut River, lower (Massachusetts, Connecticut) [25] 17. Catawba and Wateree Rivers (North Carolina, South Carolina) *18. Chattahoochee River, upper (Alabama, Georgia) [38] 19. Chattahoochee River, lower (Alabama, Georgia, Florida) *20. Coosa River (Alabama, Georgia) [21]

21. Delaware River (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware)

22. Des Moines River (Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri)

23. Delores River (Colorado, Utah)

24. French River (Massachusetts, Connecticut)

25. French Broad River (Tennessee, North Carolina)

*26. Grand Calumet/Little Calumet Rivers (Indiana, Illinois) [34]

27. Grand (Neosho) River (Kansas, Oklahoma)

28. Green River (Wyoming, Utah)

29. Hoosic River (Vermont, Massachusetts, New York)

30. Kanab Creek (Utah, Arizona)

31. Kanawha River, tributary to Ohio River (West Virginia, Ohio)

32. Klamath River (Oregon, California)

33. Leviathan Creek (California, Nevada)

34. Little Blue River (Nebraska, Kansas)

35. Lost River (Oregon, California)

*36. Mahoning River (Ohio, Pennsylvania) [33]

37. Malad Rivers (Idaho, Utah)

38. Marais Des Cygnes River (Kansas, Missouri)

39. McElmo Creek (Colorado, Utah)

*40. Menominee River (Wisconsin, Michigan) [24]

*41. Merrimack River (New Hampshire, Massachusetts) [29]

*42. Mississippi River, area I (Minnesota, Wisconsin) [28]

*43. Mississippi River, area IX (Memphis, Tennessee-Vicksburg, Missssippi;

Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana) [30] *44. Mississippi River, area X (Vicksburg, Mississippi-mouth; Mississippi, Louisiana) [30]

45. Missouri River, including lower Yellowstone River (Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota)

*46. Monongahela River (West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania) [26]

47. Montreal River (Michigan, Wisconsin)

*48. Nashua River (Massachusetts, New Hampshire) [29]

49. Nolichucky River (North Carolina, Tennessee)

50. Ochlockonee River (Georgia, Florida)

51. Ohio River, area I (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania State Line; Ohio, Pennsylvania)

52. Ohio River, area II (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania State LineHuntington, West Virginia; West Virginia, Ohio)

53. Ohio River, area III (Huntington, West Virginia-above Cincinnati, Ohio; Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio)

54. Ohio River, area IV (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio)

55. Ohio River, area V (Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio)

56. Ouachita River (Arkansas, Louisiana)

57. Pigeon River (North Carolina, Tennessee)

58. Pawcatuck River (Rhode Island, Connecticutt)

59. Pea and Choctawhatchee Rivers (Alabama, Florida) *60. Pearl River (Louisiana, Mississippi) [22]

61. Piscataqua River (New Hampshire, Maine)

62. Potomac River, Luke-Cumberland, Maryland area (Maryland, West Virginia)

63. Quinebaug River (Massachusetts, Connecticut)

64. Red River, upper (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas)

65. Red River, lower (Arkansas, Louisiana)

*66. Red River of the North (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota) [36]

67. Rio Grande River (Texas, New Mexico)

68. Roanoke River (Virginia, North Carolina)

69. Rock River (Illinois, Wisconsin)

70. Saco River (New Hampshire, Maine)

71. St. Croix River (Minnesota, Wisconsin)

*72. Hudson and East Rivers (tributary to Raritan Bay enforcement area; New

73. Snake River, area II (Idaho, Oregon)

*74. Snake River, area III (Washington, Idaho) [27]

75. St. Louis River (Wisconsin, Minnesota)

76. St. Mary's River (Georgia, Florida)

77. Chattoga, Tugaloo, Seneca, and upper Savannah Rivers (South Carolina, Georgia)

*78. Savannah River, lower (South Carolina, Georgia) [32]

*79. Savannah River, mouth (South Carolina, Georgia) [32]

*80. South Platte (Colorado, Nebraska) [23]

81. Suwannee River (Georgia, Florida)

82. Susquehanna River, north branch (Pennsylvania, New York) *83. Ten Mile River (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) [31]

84. Tennessee River (Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama)

85. Verdigris River (Kansas, Oklahoma)

86. Virgin River (Utah, Arizona, Nevada)

87. Wabash River (Illinois, Indiana)

88. Warm Springs Run (West Virginia, Maryland)

89. Yellowstone River, lower (Montana, North Dakota)

*90. Youghiogheny River (West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania) [26]

Notes. An asterisk (*) indicates that enforcement action has taken place (as of February 1971). Numbers in brackets (e.g., [99]) refer to identifying numbers assigned to Enforcement Conferences by Zwick and Benstock (1971) (e.g., *90. Youghiogheny River ... [26] was included in the Enforcement Conference for the Mononga-hela River from December 17-18, 1963). A list of the Conferences follows in Appendix A-2.

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