Yakima River

386 Yankee Creek

387 Yellowstone River

388 Yellowstone River

389 Youghiogheny River i CO J


from: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Enforcement Division, OEGC

Rm. 3600, Waterside Mall, Washington, DC

to: Federal Records Center, GSA Washington National Records Center Accession Section

Washington, DC 20409, Stop Code 386

Agency Custodian of Records: Frank Hall

Agency Official: Harold Masters, Records Management Officer

Number of Document Boxes: 8

Date: April 16, 1974

Documents pertaining to conferences on an interstate body of water, and a state and federal effort to make or keep it clean. Complete verbatim transcripts (certified conference reporter typed copy) of informal hearings conducted by EPA under Sec. 10(c)(5)of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. (33 U.S.C. 466 et seqn.)

1 Alton Box Board Co., Lafayette, Indiana Mill through Cleveland, Ohio

2 Cleveland, Ohio, Exhibits through City of Fargo, North Dakota

3 City of Franklin, New Hampshire, through Town of Darien, Connecticut

National Archives Tracking Number:

Accession Number:

Record Group Number:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Enforcement Division

180-day notice transcripts

1Source: Standard Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt.

4 Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation through GAF

5 Lake Mead & the Colorado River through Piel Bros., Inc.

6 Republic Steel Corporation through City of Toledo, Ohio

7 Stamford, Connecticut, through Vincennes, Indiana

8 WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) through Willoughby-Eastlake, Ohio

List of 180-Day Notice Transcripts in Document Boxes #1 through #8

Alton Box Board Co., Lafayette, Indiana Mill

Riverside Paper Corp. and Consolidated Papers, Inc., Appleton, Wisconsin

City of Chicopee, Massachusetts

City of Atlanta, Georgia

Banies Co., Inc., East Pepperell, Massachusetts

City of Bogalusa, Louisiana

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio, Exhibits

2nd Meeting of City of Cleveland, Ohio

City of Cleveland and its 32 Suburbs

Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio

Covington, Indiana

Fairfax Drainage District, Wyandotte County, Kansas City of Fargo, North Dakota City of Franklin, New Hampshire Euclid, Ohio

Willoughby-Eastlake, Ohio

Eagle-Pitcher Industries, Baxter Springs, Kansas

City of Detroit, Michigan

Town of Darien, Connecticut

Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp., Cleveland, Ohio

Interlake Steel Corp., Toledo, Ohio

City of Hammond, Indiana, and the Hammond Sanitary District Hurley, Wisconsin

Holly Sugar Co., Torrington, Wyoming

Green Bay Metro Sewerage District, Charmin Paper Products Co., and American

Can Company, Green Bay, Wisconsin Granite, Illinois

Gary Sanitary District, Gary, Indiana

GAF Corp., Linden, New Jersey

Lake Mead & Colorado River, Las Vegas, Nevada

City of Logansport, Indiana

Town of Montezeuma, Indiana

Neenah-Menasha Sewerage Comm., et al.

Penn Central Transportation Corp., Harmon Yards, New York

Pepperell Paper Co., East Pepperell, Massachusetts

Piel Bros., Inc., Hampden-Harvard Div., Chicopee, Massacusetts

Republic Steel Corp., Cleveland, Ohio

Reserve Mining Co., Silver Bay, Minnesota

City of Riverview, Michigan

Santa Fe Land Development Co.

Village of Sauget, Illinois

City of Sheboygan, Wisconsin

East-Side Levee and Sanitary District

Tahoe-Douglas District & Kingsbury General Improvement District

City of Toledo, Ohio

City of Stamford, Connecticut

Superior, Wisconsin

Superior Fiber Products, Superior, Wisconsin Toledo, Ohio

U.S. Steel Corp., Cleveland, Ohio Vincennes, Indiana

WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission), Washington DC County of Wayne, Michigan Whiting, Indiana Willoughby-Eastlake, Ohio


In the course of its work evaluating progress of water pollution control programs under PL 92-500 [Clean Water Act, CWA], the National Commission on Water Quality contracted for the preparation of a large number of technical reports. A complete listing of all the technical reports (with NTIS accession numbers and cost as of 1976) prepared for the NCWQ has been compiled by Mitchell (1976). Appendix A-6 documents the technical reports prepared for the NCWQ that were related to water quality and environmental assessments of site-specific waterways. The reports are available for purchase from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, Virginia 22161.

1Source: Mitchell, 1976.

ncwq staff technical volumes

1. Technological Assessment PB 252 298

2. Economic and Social Impacts PB 253 037

3. Water Quality Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment PB 252 167

4. Regional Assessment PB 252 099

contractor reports: regional impacts

Delaware River Basin; Betz Environmental Engineers PB 249 910

San Francisco Bay/Central Valley; Arthur D. Little Inc PB 249 730

Ohio River Basin; Dames & Moore, Inc PB 249 680

Colorado River Basin; Utah State University PB 249 660

Merrimack-Nashua River Basin; Abt Associates PB 250 060

Kanawha River; Dames & Moore, Inc PB 250 105

Lake Erie; Dalton, Dalton, Little & Newport PB 251 009

Yellowstone River Basin; Stevens, Thompson & Runyan, Inc PB 251 072

Puget Sound/Lake Washington; Stevens, Thompson & Runyan, Inc.. . . PB 251 319

Houston Ship Channel/Galveston Bay; Bernard Johnson, Inc PB 252 460

Chattahoochee-Flint-Apalachicola; Hammer, Siler, George Assoc PB 252 318

contractor reports: environmental impact assessment, water quality analysis

Puerto Rico; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 251 323

Gulf of Alaska; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 251 322

Hawaii; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 251 320

St. John River (Florida); Atlantis Scientific PB 251 225

5. California Bight; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 251 435

South Platte; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 251 446

Escambia River & Bay; Atlantis Scientific PB 251 447

Hudson River; Lawler, Matusky & Skelly PB 251 099

J. Percy Priest Reservoir; Vanderbilt University PB 251 098

St. John River ( Maine); Meta Systems PB 250 942

Yadkin Peedee River Basin; TRW, Inc PB 250 933

Connecticut River; The Center for Environment and Man PB 250 924

Susquehanna; Lawler, Matusky & Skelly PB 250 925

Housatonic River; Lawler, Matusky & Skelly PB 250 926

Missouri River Basin; Midwest Research Inst PB 250 930

Biscayne Bay; Water Resource Engineers PB 252 095

Trinity River; Water Resource Engineers PB 252 097

Charles River/Boston Harbor; Process Research PB 252 098

Guadalupe/San Antonio River Basin; Water Resource Engineers PB 252 430

Chesapeake Bay; Virginia Inst. of Marine Sciences PB 252 096

Utah Lake/Jordan River, Utah; Environmental Dynamics, Inc PB 250 932

contractor reports: water quality analysis

Upper Mississippi River Basin; Water Resource Engineers PB 250 982

Snake River; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 250 929

Columbia River; Tetra Tech, Inc PB 250 927

Santee River Basin; Water Resource Engineers PB 250 928

Upper Rio Grande; Water Resource Engineers PB 250 981

Iowa-Cedar River Basin; Water Resource Engineers PB 250 931

The Potomac River; GKY Associates PB 252 038

contractor reports: environmental impact assessment

The Potomac River; Academy of Natural Sciences PB 250 934

Iowa-Cedar River Basin; Midwest Research Inst PB 251 227

Snake River; Parametrix PB 251 226

Upper Mississippi River Basin; Midwest Research Inst PB 251 222

Santee River Basin; Academy of Natural Sciences PB 251 354

Upper Rio Grande; Academy of Natural Sciences PB 251 228

Columbia River; Parametrix PB 251 324

Ocean Discharges, "Environmental Effects of the Disposal of Municipal Effluents, Following Various Levels of Wastewater Treatment, into Nearshore Marine Waters"; Southern California Coastal Water Research Project and Engineering-Science, Inc PB 254 396

Disposal of Wastewater Residuals; Environmental

Quality Systems PB 251 371

National Residuals Discharge Inventory; National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Water Quality Policy PB 252 288

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