Figure 10-3 Monthly trends in streamflow for the Chattahoochee River. Monthly mean, tenth, and ninetieth percentile statistics computed for 1951-1980 (USGS Gage 02336000 at Atlanta, Georgia). Source: USGS, 1999.

Falls. Since 1965, minimum streamflows have been higher and more consistent as a result of those modifications (Figure 10-4). The average flow at Buford Dam, based on 35 years of record, is 2,168 cfs. The average flow near Atlanta, based on 43 years of record, is 2,603 cfs. Regulations for minimum streamflow volumes set in 1974 require a minimum release of 1,100 cfs from Morgan Falls, further increasing minimum streamflows near Atlanta (Cherry et al., 1980; Lium et al., 1979).

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