Figure 7-6 Long-term trends in ultimate CBOD loading from municipal and industrial wastewater dischargers to the Delaware estuary. Sources: HydroQual, 1998; Patrick, Ruth, Faith Douglass, and Drew Palavage, Surface water quality: Have the laws been successful? Copyright © 1992 by Princeton University Press, Reprinted by permission of Princeton University Press.

water quality trends. To evaluate the relative significance of point and nonpoint source pollutant loads, inventories of NPDES point source dischargers, land uses, and land use-dependent export coefficients (Bondelid et al., 2000) have been used to estimate catalog unit-based point source (municipal, industrial, and CSOs) and nonpoint source (rural and urban) loads of BOD5 for mid-1990s conditions in the catalog units of the Delaware River case study area (see Figure 7-2). The point source load of


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