Turbine Pumps

The turbine pump consists of a motor, drive shaft, discharge pipe of varying lengths, and one or more impeller-bowl assemblies (see Figure 10.16). It is normally a vertical assembly, where water enters at the bottom, passes axially through the impeller-bowl assembly where the energy transfer occurs, then moves upward through additional impeller-bowl assemblies to the discharge pipe. The length of this discharge pipe will vary with the distance from the wet well to the desired point of discharge. Due to the construction of the turbine pump, the major applications have traditionally been for pumping of relatively clean water. The lineshaft turbine pump has been used extensively for drinking water pumping, especially in those situations where water is withdrawn from deep wells. The main wastewater plant application has been pumping plant effluent back into the plant for use as service water.

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Driving shaft


Figure 10.16 Vertical turbine pump.

The turbine pump has a major advantage in the amount of head it is capable of producing. By installing additional impeller-bowl assemblies, the pump is capable of even greater production. Moreover, the turbine pump has simple construction and a low noise level and is adaptable to several drive types—motor, engine, or turbine. High initial costs and high repair costs are two of the major disadvantages of turbine pumps. In addition, the presence of large amounts of solids within the liquid being pumped can seriously increase the amount of maintenance the pump requires; consequently, the unit has not found widespread use in any situation other than service water pumping.

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