Table 152 Process Condition Vs Organism Populations

Process Condition

Organism Population

Poor BOD5 and TSS removal No floc formation Very cloudy effluent Poor-quality effluent Dispersed bacteria Some free-swimming ciliates Some floc formation Cloudy effluent Satisfactory effluent Good floc formation Good settleability Good clarity High-quality effluent Excellent floc formation Excellent settleability High effluent clarity Effluent high TSS and low BOD5 High settled sludge volume Cloudy effluent

Predominance of amoebas and flagellates Mainly dispersed bacteria A few ciliates present Predominance of amoeba and flagellates Some free-swimming ciliates

Predominance of free-swimming ciliates Few amoebas and flagellates

Predominance of stalked ciliates Some free-swimming ciliates A few rotifers A few flagellates Predominance of rotifers Large numbers of stalked ciliates A few free-swimming ciliates No flagellates

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