Suspended Solids and Mixed Liquor Total Suspended Solids

Mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) and mixed liquor volatile suspended solids (MLVSS) can be used to represent the activated sludge or microorganisms present in the process. Process control indicators, such as sludge age and sludge volume index, cannot be calculated unless the MLSS is determined. Adjust the MLSS and MLVSS by increasing or decreasing the waste sludge rates. The level of mixed liquor total suspended solids (MLTSS) is an important activated sludge control parameter. To increase the MLTSS, for example, the operator must decrease the waste rate and/or increase the MCRT. The MCRT must be decreased to prevent the MLTSS from changing when the number of aeration tanks in service is reduced.

Note: When performing the Gould sludge age test, assume that the source of the MLTSS in the aeration tank is influent solids.

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