Static Discharge Head

Static Discharge Head (ft) = Discharge Level (ft) - Pump Datum (ft) (10.7)

If the total static head is to be determined after calculating the static suction head or lift and static discharge head individually, two different calculations can be used, depending on whether there is a suction head or a suction lift.

For suction head:

Total Static Head (ft) = Static Discharge Head (ft) - Static Suction Lift (ft) (10.8) For suction lift:

Total Static Head (ft) = Static Discharge Head (ft) + Static Suction Lift (ft) (10.9) ■ Example 10.4

Problem: Refer to Figure 10.2 to determine total static head. Solution:

Static Suction Lift = Pump Level - Supply Level Static Suction Lift = 128 ft - 121 ft = 7 ft


121 ft

145 ft

128 ft

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