As an alternative to screening, shredding can be used to reduce solids to a size that can enter the plant without causing mechanical problems or clogging. Shredding processes include comminution (comminute means "cut up") and barminution devices.

12.3.1 Comminution

The comminutor is the most common shredding device used in waste-water treatment. In this device, all the wastewater flow passes through the grinder assembly. The grinder consists of a screen or slotted basket, a rotating or oscillating cutter, and a stationary cutter. Solids pass through the screen and are chopped or shredded between the two cutters. The comminutor will not remove solids that are too large to fit through the slots, and it will not remove floating objects. These materials must be removed manually. Maintenance requirements for comminutors include aligning, sharpening, and replacing cutters and corrective and preventive maintenance performed in accordance with plant's O&M manual. Operational Considerations

Common operational problems associated with comminutors include output containing coarse solids. When this occurs it is usually a sign that the cutters are dull or misaligned. If the system does not operate at all, then the unit is clogged or jammed, a shear pin or coupling is broken, or electrical power is shut off. If the unit stalls or jams frequently, this usually indicates cutter misalignment, excessive debris in the influent, or dull cutters.

Note: Only qualified maintenance operators should perform maintenance of shredding equipment.

12.3.2 Barminution

In barminution, the barminutor uses a bar screen to collect solids, which are then shredded and passed through the bar screen for removal at a later process. In operation, the cutter alignment and sharpness of each device are critical factors in effective operation. Cutters must be sharpened or replaced, and alignment must be checked in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Solids that are not shredded must be removed daily, stored in closed containers, and disposed of by burial or incineration. Barminutor operational problems are similar to those listed above for comminutors. Preventive and corrective maintenance as well as lubrication must be performed by qualified personnel and in accordance with the plant's O&M manual. Because of its higher maintenance requirements, the barminutor is less frequently used.

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