Return Activated Sludge Waste Activated Sludge 151271 Total Suspended Solids and Volatile Suspended Solids

Total suspended solids and total volatile suspended solids concentrations of the mixed liquor suspended solids, return activated sludge, and waste activated sludge are routinely sampled (using either grab or composite samples) and tested, because

Key Point: The activated sludge aeration tank they are critical to process control. The should be observed daily to evaluate the type and tj.irj.i- j j j t j.-t results of the suspended and volatile amount of foam, mixing uniformity, and color. v suspended tests can be used directly or to calculate such process control figures as mean cell residence time (MCRT) or food-to-microorganisms (F/M) ratio. In most situations, increasing the MLSS produces an older, denser sludge, and decreasing MLSS produces a younger, less dense sludge.

Note: Control of the sludge wasting rate by maintaining a constant MLVSS concentration requires maintaining a certain concentration of volatile suspended solids in the aeration tank.

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