Relevant Geometric Equations

Circumference C of a circle:

Perimeter P of a square with side a:

Perimeter P of a rectangle with sides a and b:

Perimeter P of a triangle with sides a, b, and c:

Area A of a square with sides a:

Area A of a rectangle with sides a and b: A = ab

Area A of a triangle with base b and height h: A = 0.5bh

Area A of an ellipse with major axis a and minor axis b: A = nab

Area A of a trapezoid with parallel sides a and b and height h:

Area A of a duct (in ft2) when d is in inches: A = nd2/576 = 0.005454d2 Volume V of a sphere with a radius r (d = 2r): V = 1.33nr3 = 0.1667nd3

Volume V of a cube with sides a:

Volume V of a rectangular solid (sides a and b and height c): V = abc Volume V of a cylinder with a radius r and height h: V = nr2h = nd2h/4

Volume V of a pyramid with base area B and height h:

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