Process Control Calculations

As with other wastewater treatment unit processes, the process control calculations reviewed below are important tools for optimizing and controlling process operations.

Settled sludge volume (SSV) is the volume that a settled activated sludge occupies after a specified time. The settling time may be shown as a subscript; for example, SSV60 indicates that the reported value was determined at 60 minutes. The settled sludge volume can be determined for any time interval; however, the most common values are the 30-min-ute reading (SSV30) and 60-minute reading (SSV60). The settled sludge volume can be reported as milliliters of sludge per liter of sample (mL/L) or as percent settled sludge volume:

Settled Sludge Volume (mL) Settled Sludge Volume (mL/L) = (15.5)

Sample Volume (L)

Note:: 1000 milliliters = 1 liter.

1000 mL/L

.. „ , „, , TT , Settled Sludge Volume (mL) x 100

Sample Volume (mL)

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