Other Control Systems

Several other systems that use electrical energy are available for control of the centrifugal pump. These include a tube-like device that has several electrical contacts mounted inside (see Figure 10.12). As the water level rises in the clear well, storage tank, or basin, the water rises in the tube, making contact with the electrical contacts and activating the motor starter. Again, this system can be used to activate several pumps in series by installation of several sets of contact points. As the water level drops in the well or tank, the level in the tube drops below a second contact that deactivates the motor and stops the pumping. Another control system uses a mercury switch (or a similar type of switch) enclosed in a protective capsule. Again, two units are required per pump. One switch activates the pump when the liquid level rises, and the second switch shuts the pump off when the level reaches the desired minimum depth.

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