Hydraulic Water Horsepower

A pump has power because it does work. A pump lifts water (which has weight) a given distance in a specific amount of time (ft-lb/min). One hydraulic (water) horsepower (WHP) provides the necessary power to lift the water to the required height; it equals the following:

550 ft-lb/s 33,000 ft-lb/min

2545 British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr) 0.746 kW 1.014 metric hp

To calculate the hydraulic horsepower (WHP) using flow in gpm and head in feet, use the following formula for centrifugal pumps:

„, ^ TT „tttt™ Flow (gpm) x Head (ft) x Specific Gravity


Note: 3960 is derived by dividing 33,000 ft/lb by 8.34 lb/gal = 3960.

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