Example 422

Suppose that we wish to convert 240°F to Celsius. Using the three-step process, we proceed as follows:

2. We must multiply 280° by either 5/9 or 9/5. Because the conversion is to the Celsius scale, we will be moving to a number smaller than 280. Through reason and observation, obviously, if 280 were multiplied by 9/5, the result would be almost the same as multiplying by 2, which would double 280 rather than make it smaller. If we multiply by 5/9, the result will be about the same as multiplying by 1/2, which would cut 280 in half. Because in this problem we wish to move to a smaller number, we should multiply by 5/9:

156.0°C - 40.0°C = 116.0°C Therefore, 240°F = 116.0°C.

Problem: Convert 22°C to Fahrenheit.


Because we are converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit, we are moving from a smaller to a larger number, and 9/5 should be used in the multiplications.

3. Subtract 40:

Obviously, knowing how to make these temperature conversion calculations is useful; however, in practical in situ or non-in situ operations, you may wish to use a temperature conversion table.

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