Example 418

Problem: A liquid chemical weighs 62 lb/ft3. How much does a 5-gal can of it weigh?

Solution: Solve for specific gravity, get lb/gal, and multiply by 5.

Weight of chemical 62 lb/ft3

Weight of water 62.4 lb/ft3

Problem: A wooden piling with a diameter of 16 in. and a length of 16 ft weighs 50 lb/ft3. If it is inserted vertically into a body of water, what vertical force is required to hold it below the water surface?

Solution: If this piling had the same weight as water, it would rest just barely submerged. Find the difference between its weight and that of the same volume of water. That is the weight required to keep it down.

62.4 lb/ft3 (water) - 50.0 lb/ft3 (piling) = 12.4 lb/ft3

Volume of piling = .785 x 1.332 x 16 ft = 22.21 ft3

Weight to hold piling down = 12.4 lb/ft3 x 22.21 ft3 = 275.4 lb

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