Example 359

Problem: Convert 40 ft to psi. Solution:

As the above examples demonstrate, when attempting to convert psi to feet we divide by 0.433, and when attempting to convert feet to psi we multiply by 0.433. The above process can be most helpful in clearing up confusion about whether to multiply or divide; however, there is another approach that may be more beneficial and easier for many operators to use. Notice that the relationship between psi and feet is almost 2 to 1. It takes slightly more than 2 feet to make 1 psi; therefore, in a problem where the data are provided in pressure and the result should be in feet, the answer will be at least twice as large as the starting number. For instance, if the pressure were 25 psi, we intuitively know that the head is over 50 feet, so we must divide by 0.433 to obtain the correct answer.

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