Example 111 Determining Pump Capacity without Influent

Problem: A pumping station wet well is 10 ft x 9 ft. The operator needs to check the pumping rate of the station's constant speed pump. To do this, the influent valve to the wet well was closed for a 5-minute test, and the level in the well dropped 2.2 ft. What is the pumping rate in gallons per minute?

Solution: Using the length and width of the well, we can find the area of the water surface.

The water level dropped 2.2 ft. From this, we can determine the volume of water removed by the pump during the test:

One cubic foot of water holds 7.48 gal. We can convert this volume in cubic feet to gallons:

The test was done for 5 minutes. From this information, a pumping rate can be calculated:

5 min 1 min

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