Example 106

Problem: What is the friction head in a system that uses 150 ft of 6-in.-diameter pipe when the velocity is 3 fps? The valving of the system is equivalent to an additional 75 ft of pipe. Reference material indicates a roughness factor (/") of 0.025 for this particular pipe and flow rate.


Friction Head = Roughness Factor x Length x Velocity

Diameter 2g

225 ft 9ft2/s2 = 0.0025 x 225 x = 0.025 x 450 x 0.140 ft = 1.58 ft

It is also possible to compute friction head using tables. Friction head can also be determined on both the suction side of the pump and the discharge side of the pump. In each case, it is necessary to determine:

1. Length of pipe

2. Diameter of the pipe

3. Velocity

4. Pipe equivalent of valves, elbows, T's, etc.

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