Chapter Review Questions

8.1 Name four types of microorganisms that may be present in wastewater.

8.2 From a human health viewpoint, which type of organism is considered to be the most dangerous?

8.3 What materials are produced when organic matter is decomposed aerobically?

8.4 Describe what occurs in the zone of degradation when wastes are discharged to a stream.

8.5 Which zone many disappear if the strength of the wastes discharged to the stream is reduced?

8.6 What may happen if additional wastes are discharged to a stream before the natural self-purification process is completed?

8.7 Name three materials or contaminants that are not removed by the natural self-purification process.

8.8 List three conditions that must be present for good biological activity in wastewater treatment.

8.9 The three major groups of microorganisms that cause disease in water are_,_, and__

8.10 When does a river of good quality show its highest bacterial numbers?

8.11 Are coliform organisms pathogenic?

8.12 How do bacteria reproduce?

8.13 The three common shapes of bacteria are_,_, and

8.14 Three waterborne disease caused by bacteria are _,

8.15 Two protozoa-caused waterborne disease are _ and

8.16 When a protozoan is in a resting phase, it is called a

8.17 For a virus to live it must have a__

8.18 What problems do algae cause in drinking water?

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