The Network Design Method

The inlet and outlet concentrations of the impurity cin and cout and the concentration/mass flow rate diagram with the pinch point form the basis of the recommendations for the network design (see Table 13.3), which yields a minimum wastewater flow rate of 90 m3 h-1 (Fig. 13.9b). This form of data is used for the construction of a network (Fig. 13.10). Note that there may be more than one way to design a network.

Fig. 13.10 The design of the water management system. (a) Limiting composite curve with limited water supply line for Q = 90 m3 h-1. (b) Final design of the wastewater network with four processes for Q = 90 m3 h-1.

We distinguish three intervals. For the following considerations, we must conform to Table 13.3 and Fig. 13.10.

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