Stoichiometric Yields

In taking the discussion further, we will introduce stoichiometric coefficients into Eq. (13.1). Normalized to 1 mol A, we obtain:

YC/a mol C/mol A is the stoichiometric yield of the target product C relative to the educt A. It can be calculated from measured values for the converted mass of A mA and the mass of C formed mC. Using the molar masses of A and C we have:

mC MA mol C

mA MC mol A

The stoichiometric yield has some disadvantages. It gives no information about:

• Other raw materials which may be contained in the total influent mass.

• Subsequent products which may be produced by further reactions.

• Auxiliary materials present, e.g. solvents, surfactants, etc.

Thus, further yield coefficients must be defined.

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