Processes for Decentralized Effluent Treatment

The target of this optimization procedure is to reduce the amount of wastewater to the lowest possible level. This can be performed

• for continuous production processes and

• for batch processes with large storage tanks which can be employed to realize nearly constant flow rates during filling.

Often, discontinuous treatment processes must be used and other optimization methods are needed. Physico-chemical processes are especially suited (Bueb et al. 1990, Kollatsch 1990), e.g.:

• distillation, rectification

• extraction

• adsorption, absorption

• precipitation, flocculation

• wet oxidation

• evaporation

In future, some membrane technology processes will become useful alone or in combination with a bioreactor (Chapter 12) or with one of the processes mentioned above. Fundamentally, all biological treatment processes discussed in detail in Chapters 5 to 11 may be interesting, if the cost is low compared with other treatment processes.

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