Problem 123

How different are the volumes of a MBR and an activated sludge tank, for the same treatment task with nitrification?

Conditions with full nitrification require sludge ages of more than 15 days (ATV-DVWK 2000). The common method for a single-step activated sludge process is based on the sludge loading rate BX (Gunder 1999):

S Qd

where BX is the sludge loading rate, Qd is the dry-weather flow rate according to Eq. (12.81) = 19000 m3 d-1, X is the concentration of bacteria and S is the concentration of substrate (we choose 400 mg L-1 BOD5). For the MBR we choose BX = 0.03 kg BOD5 (kg MLSS ■ d)-1 and for a conventional plant a higher loading rate of 0.06 kg BOD5 (kg MLSS ■ d)-1.

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