Problem 122

What membrane surface area is required for a WWTP for 100000 inhabitants, considering permeate fluxes Jp10 at 10 °C? (Jp8 = 25 L m-2 h-1) The common design method of a WWTP is based on ATV-DVWK-Arbeits-blatt A 131 (ATV-DVWK 2000a). The maximum flow rate Qm is determined by the dry-weather flow Qs and the average wastewater from other areas Qf. According to ATV-DVWK-Arbeitsblatt A 198 (ATV-DVWK 1992), the flow rate is given by:

To determine the maximum inlet flow rate Qm we choose:

Qs is the average sewage flow rate according to the median discharge per household, commercial and industrial wastewater, here for 100 000 inhabitants, with a specific volume rate of inhabitants (inh.) of 130 L (inh. d)-1. Qf is annual average extrameous wastewater from other areas, here we choose 6000 m3 d-1.

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