In the next section, the yield coefficients and specific growth rate of nitrifying bacteria p are discussed. Stoichiometry and Kinetics of Nitrification

From the catabolic stoichiometric reactions Eqs. (10.4) and (10.5) for Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter respectively, the true yield coefficients are:

YO2/NO2-N = 0.5 MO2 = 0.5 32 g mol-1O2 = 1.14 g-0^ (10.17)

The stoichiometric coefficients show the true oxygen requirements, with the exception of the amount for endogenous respiration. From the sum of both coefficients we obtain Y02/N = 4.57 g 02 (g N)-1. Thus, 4.57 g 02 are required for each g N03-N produced (see Section 11.3.3). If anabolism is considered, the yield coefficients are only a little lower.

The true yield coefficients follow directly from Eqs. (10.10) and (10.11): 0.0182 Mc5h7o2n 0.0182 -115 g mol-1 C5H7N02

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