Historical Development of Wastewater Collection and Treatment

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1.1 Water Supply and Wastewater Management in Antiquity 1

1.2 Water Supply and Wastewater Management in the Medieval Age 4

1.3 First Studies in Microbiology 7

1.4 Wastewater Management by Direct Discharge into Soil and Bodies of Water - The First Studies 11

1.5 Mineralization of Organics in Rivers, Soils or by Experiment -A Chemical or Biological Process? 12

1.6 Early Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes 14

1.7 The Cholera Epidemics - Were They Caused by Bacteria Living in the Soil or Water? 16

1.8 Early Experiments with the Activated Sludge Process 16

1.9 Taking Samples and Measuring Pollutants 18

1.10 Early Regulations for the Control of Wastewater Discharge 19 References 20

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