Completely Mixed Activated Sludge Reactor 6231 Preliminary Remarks

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the first models for the activated sludge process were published, which were based on the balances of bacteria and substrate.

Initially, a first-order reaction with regard to substrate concentration S was used (Eckenfelder 1967). Later on, Monod kinetics were considered in most models (Reynolds and Yang 1966; Benedek and Horvath 1967; Lawrence and McCarty 1970; Peil and Gaudy 1971; Chow et al. 1979; Grady et al. 1999).

In some papers, other kinetics were suitable to describe experimental results, for example Contois kinetics (Chen and Hashimoto 1980):

However, we will restrict ourselves to Monod kinetics. In most papers, sludge age (mean retention time of bacteria tRX) is the key process parameter, but we want to show that the model first contains three other process parameter (mean retention time of wastewater tR, recycle ratio nR and thickening ratio nE), which can be replaced by tRX.

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