Biodegradation of Azo Dyes 9531 Direct Aerobic Degradation

The aerobic degradation of azo dyes by adapted bacteria has been reported (Meyer et al. 1979; Kulla et al. 1984; Blumel et al. 1997), but the relevance of such specialized bacteria to textile wastewater treatment is probably very limited. The aerobic decolorization of a number of azo dyes by different species of white-rot fungi has been demonstrated successfully (Spadaro et al. 1992; Ollikka et al. 1993; Heinfling et al. 1997; Borchert and Libra 2001; Borchert 2002). Their lignin-degrading systems (LDS) are relatively non-specific and so are able to oxidize and decolorize a variety of high-molecular-weight compounds. However, the complete mineralization of azo dyes by white-rot fungi seems impossible.

The most common approach to the biological treatment of azo dyes is the combination of anaerobic reduction with aerobic degradation of the aromatic amines. This will be discussed in more detail.

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