Process Application

Lime stabilization is appropriate at small treatment plants where land is available for agricultural utilization of biosolids, although large treatment plants have used lime stabilization as the primary stabilization process. It is also practical at small plants that store stabilized sludge for later transportation to larger facilities for further treatment and disposal. Lime stabilization can be used to supplement an existing sludge stabilization process when the treatment plant is expanded. For example, when it is not practical to expand an existing aerobic digestion system, lime stabilization can be used to treat the excess sludge or the entire quantity of partially digested sludge.

Several different alkaline stabilization technologies are available. These can be grouped into three commonly used methods: (1) liquid lime stabilization, (2) dry lime stabilization, and (3) advanced alkaline stabilization technologies. Each system has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is important to evaluate and select a process that will produce the desired product on a site-specific basis.

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