The processing of wastewater sludge for use or disposal has been a continuing challenge for many municipal agencies. The federal, state, and local regulations coupled with the public awareness of the beneficial use of this valuable resource are forcing a closer look at how to process sludge effectively to reap its benefits, yet protect public health.

The objective of this book is to bring together a wide body of knowledge from the field of wastewater sludge processing and present it in a format that is useful as a textbook for graduate students in environmental engineering and as a reference book for practicing engineers. We discuss unit operations used for processing sludge and the methods available for final disposition of the processed product. The book can be used for planning, designing, and implementing municipal wastewater sludge management projects.

This book could not have been written without the assistance of many staff members of Jacobs Civil Inc. We wish to express our thanks to Jeff Westbrook and Bruce Thomas-Benke, who were the motivating forces behind the preparation of this book. Mr. Thomas-Benke reviewed the entire manuscript and made valuable suggestions that make the book truly comprehensive. We also wish to thank Natalie Preston for her expert preparation of the graphics for all the figures in the book and JoAnn Null for her word-processing skills in the preparation of the manuscript.

Finally, our eternal gratitude to Emilia Turovskiy and Elizabeth Mathai for their support and encouragement throughout the writing of the book.

Izrail S. Turovskiy P. K. Mathai

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