7.1 Introduction

7.1.1 Composting process Microbiology

7.1.2 Composting methods

7.1.3 Advantages and disadvantages of composting

7.1.4 Zoological characteristics of compost

7.2 Process description

7.2.1 Factors influencing composting Moisture

Temperature pH

Nutrient concentration Oxygen supply

7.2.2 Windrow process

7.2.3 Aerated static pile process

7.2.4 In-vessel process

7.2.5 Design considerations Energy balance Detention time

Temperature control and aeration


Site considerations

Odor control

Safety and health issues

7.3 Theoretical aspects of composting

7.4 New technology in composting

7.4.1 Organic content

7.4.2 Odor

7.4.3 Temperature and moisture

7.4.4 Composting mixture

Wastewater Sludge Processing, By Izrail S. Turovskiy and P. K. Mathai Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

7.4.5 Composting process control

7.5 Examples of composting in Europe

7.6 Examples of composting in the United States

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