Alkaline Stabilization

6.1 Introduction

6.1.1 Advantages and disadvantages

6.1.2 Process theory

6.2 Process application

6.2.1 Liquid lime stabilization

6.2.2 Dry lime stabilization

6.2.3 Advanced alkaline stabilization technologies

6.3 Process design

6.3.1 Sludge characteristics

6.3.2 Contact time and pH

6.3.3 Lime dosage

6.3.4 Alkaline material storage

6.3.5 Lime feeding Feeding of hydrated lime Slaking and feeding of quicklime

6.3.6 Liquid lime mixing

6.3.7 Dry lime mixing

6.4 Process performance

6.4.1 Odor reduction

6.4.2 Pathogen reduction

6.4.3 Dewatering characteristics

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