The Mobro Garbage Barge Odyssey

In 1987 the Mobro garbage barge—a ship carrying nearly 3,200 tons (2,900 metric tons) of trash from the city of Islip, New York—became the symbol of the growing problem of garbage disposal as it traveled on a 6,000-mile (9,656km), six-month odyssey looking for a place to dump its cargo. The Mobro began its journey on March 22, 1987, headed for Morehead City, North Carolina, which had agreed to accept the ship's load of refuse. State officials in North Carolina, however, decided not to accept the Mo-

bro's cargo, and the barge next set off for Louisiana, home of the Mobro's captain. After Louisiana refused to accept the load of garbage, the Mobro tried the countries of Mexico, Belize, and the Bahamas, each of which also refused to take the New York trash. The Mobro eventually returned to New York, where officials in Brooklyn finally decided to incinerate its cargo of garbage. Commentators agree that the Mobro helped to raise the public's awareness about the issue of garbage disposal and the need for recycling.

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