Incineration Still Safe and Effective

"High temperature incineration will continue to play an important role in the future for the safe and effective treatment of the organic hazardous wastes that will continue to be generated by U.S. industry."—Environmental Technology Council, a trade association of commercial environmental firms.

Environmental Technology Council, "Hazardous Waste Incineration: Advanced Technology to Protect the Environment," February 2007.

Modern, low-polluting incinerators are already a key strategy for some countries. Germany, for example, has become the leader in waste incineration technology, and the country is using this technology to incinerate highly hazardous wastes shipped from around the world. As reporters Udo Ludwig and Barbara Schmid relate: "Germany has become one of the major importers of hazardous waste from all over the planet, a giant waste disposal facility for the rest of the world. Munitions waste from Sweden, pesticides from Colombia, asbestos-contaminated rubble from the United States, solvents from China and lead-acid batteries from Montene-gro."52 German environmental ministers see their mission as part of the country's environmental responsibility, because otherwise many hazardous wastes would be improperly disposed of or dumped into the oceans. But Germany hopes that other countries will eventually build their own incinerators, using German technology. This may already be happening; China has plans to build two hazardous waste facilities using the German system.

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