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"While the amount of e-waste has been increasing, it remains a tiny percent of the total municipal solid waste stream."—Dana Joel Gattuso.

Dana Joel Gattuso, "Mandated Recycling of Electronics: A Lose-Lose Proposition," Issue Analysis, February 1, 2005. http://cei.org/gencon/025,04386.cfm.

The hazardous e-waste stream is expected to explode to even greater proportions in the future, as technology continues its relentless advance. In the United States, because of a federal requirement that all TV signals switch to digital in June 2009, many older TVs will become obsolete and will likely be trashed, adding significantly to the volume of e-wastes. And in future decades, developing nations are expected to add billions of new electronics consumers to the world market, creating unknown amounts of additional e-waste and adding to what is becoming a global garbage challenge.

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