5 Ways To Organize Bins For A Clean And Efficient Recycling System

You probably aren’t exempt from wanting to do what you can to help reduce the amount of damage you do to the Earth on a daily basis. Recycling is something almost everyone does, and the better you get at it the more you can do to make sure your recycling efforts make a bigger impact.

One thing you can do to make sure you’re doing your best is to organize your system at home and out and about so it’s recycle efficient and clean. You may not know how to make your system as organized as possible yet but that’s okay, there are plenty of tips out there for you. From experts to really organized recycling enthusiasts there’s a tip for everyone.

If you haven’t made your home recycling system all it can be yet, that’s okay. You can still organize and change things up to make it better than ever. It might take a little work but sometimes the best things in life take a little extra effort. Below are five ways to organize bins for a clean and efficient recycling system.

1. Put Recycling All In One Area

It might be tempting to spread your bins out around your home but that’s not the optimal way to organize everything. You risk losing a bin or even someone getting lazy and throwing away something they could’ve easily recycled if all your bins were in the same place. Throwing away recyclable items is definitely not making your system any better.

Instead of spreading everything out, put all of your bins in one area. If you have room in your garage or mudroom that’s perfect. If you have a smaller area that’s okay too. You can get stackable bins to save space and still have everything in one area too. You don’t have to set the bins side by side if you don’t have the room.

Make sure your bins are labeled well even when you have them all in the same area. Remember this is about making your system cleaner and more efficient. You don’t want to leave people guessing about what goes where when you make improvements like moving things all to one area. Having things together will save time and energy for everyone involved.

2. Make Recycling Quick And Easy Whenever Possible

If you’re going to be taking the recycling to the curb on your own every week, making it a job that will be quick and easy. You can use cloth bags instead of bins if you need to be able to carry more than one thing at a time out to the curb. Cloth bags can still be stored in the same area for convenience but they’re easier to carry all together to the curb.

You’ll be able to slip the bags over your shoulder and head out to where the recyclables need to be picked up without any issues at all. This is very helpful if you aren’t going to have several sets of hands to carry the recycling out every week.

You’ll still be able to label cloth bags, so there’s no worry about people confusing one bag for another while you switch to this more efficient system. Use a pegboard and some coat hooks in your recycling area to hang the bags on when you aren’t carrying them. This will keep everything organized and easy to use all week long.

3. Learn How To Handle Hazardous Materials

Every home has items that shouldn’t be thrown away and can’t be recycled with your weekly pick up. Batteries, light bulbs, and even old electronics are all things that need special consideration when you’re taking out your trash or getting things recycled in your home. The best thing you can do with these items is to learn how to dispose of them properly.

Instead of just shrugging your shoulders and tossing them in with your garbage, take the time to do some research. Ask your town’s recycling program center where those items can go. They’ll have answers for you so you don’t do the wrong thing with them. It might take a bit of time to find out but once you know how to handle these items you won’t have to ask again.

4. Make Sure Things Are Prepared Properly

Sometimes your recyclable materials need to be prepped or they’ll still end up in a landfill despite your best efforts. Boxes should be broken down. Bottles and cans should be washed out. Things like this can vary from program to program and town to town. Before you assume you know the best practices, ask your recycling center.

If you don’t follow all the rules you’re wasting both your time and their time. It won’t take long to get this information and can make a huge difference in how much recycling comes from your home and winds up being tossed away once it gets to the center. Follow the rules and make sure your items are recycling center friendly when they arrive.

5. Put Your Shopping Bags By Your Door

One thing a lot of families are starting to do to really make sure they’re doing the most recycling possible is to use reusable shopping bags. The drawback here is that you might forget them at home and end up using plastic bags at the store just because you forgot your reusable bags at home (again).

Instead of risking forgetting your bags, make sure they’re stored right by your door so you can grab them as you head out. You can even try to make sure they’re brightly colored and easy to see so you don’t just ignore them because they blended into your wall. It’s just one more thing you can do to make sure your recycling at home is efficient and easy to use.


You won’t have to make huge changes to your recycling system to make it more effective. Even small changes like the ones you’ve read about here can make a huge difference. Everyone wants their recycling efforts to matter, so making sure your home system is clean and efficient is a big deal.

Use the tips you’ve read about here to make your recycling efforts worth all the work you’ve put in. While the research for some of the tips may take a few extra minutes it will be well worth your time when you know you’re doing the best job possible from now on. Enjoy your new recycling area.

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