From the many ways of thought, several profound similarities are apparent. As a preliminary result of our cursory observation, perhaps we can establish here principally:

1. The esteem for nonhuman nature was and has been required at all times and in almost all cultures by individuals and groups and has also frequently been lived.

2. Nature is awarded its own right on multiple different grounds. In the monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), the weight is easily shifted in favor of man for whom an extraordinarily special position is awarded.

3. Man's entitlement to use is considered self-evident, but is limited by nature's intrinsic organizing principles. Ecologically it must be formulated as follows: the limit lies where natural resources are depleted and are threatened to become irretrievable. However, as a basis, all environment-oriented thought and behavior should be determined with responsibility and care.

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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