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Biodata of Hermann Josef Roth, author of "Nature and Resource Conservation as Value-Assessment Reflections on Theology and Ethics"

Dr. Hermann Josef Roth is a Studiendirektor, biologist, Roman-Catholic Priest, and Cistercian-Monk; manager of the "Naturhistorischer Verein der Rheinlande und Westfalens" (NHV), who has a seat of the University at Bonn. Dr. Roth is member of the "Europainstitut für cisterciensische Geschichte, Spiritualität, Kunst und Liturgie" (EUCist) with seat at Päpstliche Hochschule Heiligenkreuz near Vienna. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) in 1990. Dr. Roth published many books and papers on dialogue between theology and natural sciences, on natural history of the Rhineland, and history of botany and zoology in Middle-Ages and during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His main interest is in Monastic Medicine including ethnobotany in the Portuguese world. His worked on the project "Klostermedizin" at the University of Würzburg.

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