Biodata of Klaus Konrad Klostermaier author of Ecology Science and Religion

Klaus Konrad Klostermaier, F.R.S.C., is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus (1999) at the University of Manitoba. He obtained a Dr. Phil. in Philosophy in 1961 from the Gregorian University, Rome, and a Ph.D. in Ancient Indian History and Culture from the University of Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1969. He joined the Department of Religion at the University of Manitoba (Canada) in 1970 and held the headship from 1986 to 1997. His areas of research and teaching are history of religions, especially Indian religions, and science and religion. Among his major publications are Mythologies and Philosophies of Salvation in the Theistic Traditions of India, Wilfrid Laurier University Press (1984), A Survey of Hinduism, State University of New York Press (1989, 1994, and 2007), Buddhism: A Short Introduction, Oneworld Oxford (1999 and 2001), Hinduism: A Short History, Oneworld Oxford (2000), The Nature of Nature: Explorations in Science, Philosophy and Religion, Theosophical Publishing House Adyar, Madras 2004. He continues to write and to teach at the University of Manitoba.

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