Usda Uvb Dataset

The UVMRP provides the USDA with the UV-B-1 radiometer information necessary to determine if changing levels of ultraviolet light have an effect on food and fiber production in the U.S. The primary objective of the UVMRP is to provide information to the agricultural community about the geographic and temporal climatology of UV-B irradiance. All data from the network is captured by on-site data loggers and downloaded over phone lines each morning. Data is made available to the scientific community, as well as the general public, for next day retrieval via the network's World Wide Web site at Figure 10.1 shows the locations of all 37 ground stations and highlights 4 sites (circled) selected for a detailed statistical analysis, namely, stations WA01, CA01, CO01, AZ01. These 4 stations are geographically well-distributed, with WA01 located in the north, AZ01 in the south, CO01 in the center, and CA01 in the west.

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