Sites and Coverage

The design goal of the network was to have a 5° latitude x 10° longitude equal-area representation of the continental U.S. with additional coverage of Alaska and Hawaii (Bigelow et al., 1998). However, the existing distribution of the observation sites is not ideal because of logistical difficulties in securing acceptable sites in each latitudinal zone (Bigelow and Slusser, 2000). As of 2008, 34 climatological sites in the U.S., with 2 additional collaborating climatological sites in Canada and one in New Zealand, are operating in the network (Fig. 8.1). Sites were selected to represent each grid rectangle based upon their long-term viability, proximity to agricultural, biological, ecological, and ongoing UV research sites, unobstructed sky view, and availability of phone, internet, and power supply. The sites in Canada and New Zealand were set up for the purpose of maintaining a scale for comparison of each country's radiation archives. In addition, ad hoc research sites are temporarily set up and maintained for specific research purposes for a period of time. Six high resolution U1000 spectroradiometers were sited at research sites where key collaborative research allowed interdisciplinary uses of the data, although the high maintenance of the U 1000s eventually led to discontinuing their deployment. Instruments at a research site may be turned off and on at any time, and additional instruments can be installed and run for a period of time depending on the purpose of the research project, especially during the campaigns of inter-comparisons between instruments from different manufacturers. On the other hand, the climatological sites require less sophisticated instrumentation than at research sites, and the instruments at a climatological site operate continuously without intentional interrupts except for routine maintenance. In this chapter, we focus on the climatological sites only.

USDA LJV-IÏ Monitoring and Research Program Climatological $ and Research • Sites

USDA LJV-IÏ Monitoring and Research Program Climatological $ and Research • Sites

Figure 8.1 The UVMRP monitoring network coverage from 1993 through year-end 2008

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