Metabolome Studies

Analysis of compounds was accomplished by high performance liquid chro-matography (HPLC) and liquid chromatography—Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

and absorption spectra (anthocyanins; methods described in (Warpeha et al., 2006)). All HPLC and spectrophotometry methods and equipment are described in (Warpeha et al., 2006). Purified standards were obtained from Sigma and were dissolved according to manufacturer's recommendations. Standard profiles were obtained for picomolar to nanomolar quantities and the quantity of metabolite as listed in the Table 17.3 was determined in Untreated soybean primary leaves. That value was set to 1.00, whereby all subsequently analyzed samples of 300 nm, 317 nm, and 368 nm treatments where quantified and compared to the Untreated values. A simple up (+) or down (x) was used to indicate overall change as the quantities found in these very small tissues is difficult to numerically quantitate accurately on a per seedling basis. Each analysis consisted of at least 100 pairs of soybean leaves.

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