Data Processing for Other Measurements

The VIS-MFRSR measurements are processed with the same procedures as for UV-MFRSR data with the exception noted above concerning the reliance on Langley calibrations since no recent lamp calibrations are available for the VIS-MFRSR. No out-of-band signals have been detected from the VIS-MFRSR instruments. For the PAR sensors, barometers, and temperature-humidity probes, calibration factors provided by the manufacturers are applied to the raw voltages to derive the final data products.

Figure 8.7 Plots of V0 values from instruments HI02 (climatological site) and HI03 (research site) at Mauna Loa, HI derived from the Langley analysis method for the 300 nm and 305 nm channels from May 17 through September 29, 2008

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