By using satellite ozone and reflectivity measurements as input to a column radiative transfer model, we have derived near-global climatologies of UV radiation at earth's surface, weighted for UV-A, UV-B, human erythema induction, pre-vitamin D3 synthesis, and non-melanoma carcinogenesis. These climatologies are potentially of direct utility to epidemiological studies of the effects of UV exposure, especially if geographical gradients are of interest. For example, the induction of non-melanoma skin cancers is thought to be associated with long-term cumulative exposure to UV radiation, while melanoma mutational subtypes are associated with UV radiation exposure at different life stages (e.g., Thomas et al., 2007). The weighted UV distributions described in this chapter are available for free download from the NCAR Community Data Portal ( To find the datasets, navigate the "browse" menu through the directory structure: ACD > ACD Models > TUV > Erythemal UV. A technical note (Lee-Taylor and Madronich, 2007) that includes color versions of the figures in this chapter is also available.

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